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What is Call Deflection?

Call Deflection is a phone feature for managing high volume inbound calls by adding a feature for customers to be directed towards a self-service channel such as text messages. This way customers won’t have to wait for a staff member to attend to them, and it makes your restaurant run more efficiently.

Below are a few ways Call Deflection can operate:

  • Send a text message on a missed call
  • A customer can press 1 in your call menu to get a text message for online ordering
  • A customer can press 3 in your call menu to get a text message for driving directions


Send Calls to Online Ordering

Give callers one click access to online ordering so they can place an order using your website or mobile app. Bring awareness to your online ordering system and prevent your team from being inundated with calls for orders.


Meal-Time Rush

When you're surrounded by hungry customers waiting in line for their food, you don't have time to stop what you're doing and answer the phone. Reachify's automated system will answer the phone when you can't, and will still take care of the needs of callers.


Promote Discounts

Draw attention to promotions and discounts to drive online ordering adoption. When a customer calls in, allow customers to receive text message promotions right from your phone menu with one click on their dial pad. In addition, if you have a mobile app, encourage more installs by promoting discounts in your app.


An all-in-one cloud-based VoIP phone system for restaurants

Our robust cloud-based VoIP phone service integrates seamlessly with our Reachify software and your business management system. Keep your existing phone numbers and be up and running in no time.

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  • Deflect calls to online actions (ordering, directions, menu, etc)

  • Reduce dedicated phone staff

  • Increase efficiency

  • Save hours of time every week

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Ring On Your Terms

Choose whether you want your location phone to ring for existing issues or specific situations. You can even set up your phone system to forward to a general contact form. Be in control of the conversations you want to have.

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increase in online orders

drop in labor

Having trouble meeting demand due to an increase in foot traffic, as well as wanting to prevent customers from approaching competitors and increasing orders led Giovanni to Reachify.

  • Improved labor efficiency & decreased labor costs

  • Easily integrated orders into current POS using a direct online ordering link

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